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    • 26 Brilliant New Scholarship Students Starting Today

    • Monday, July 19th, 2010
    • Today the new eef year started with 6 weeks of summer school for our new grade 9 scholars.

      We‘re thrilled to announce that 26 new students started the programme and they are settling in well. We‘ll be following their progress over the coming years and hope to share their successes with you all.

      Take a look at their profiles in the current eef students section of our website.       The new school year officially begins on September 13.

      We’re also delighted to announce the recent opening of our Girls Hostel to be managed by our latest eef Team Member Diana Houlder, the first 14 girls moved in during June. Our girls will now be able to live and study in a safe and peaceful environment supported by Diana and the other students.

      Come back soon to take a look at latest photos.

      Please support our work by making a donation or by sponsoring one of our students for the programme starting in 2011 – I would like to find out more.

    • EEF Graduate Musbah Dilsebo Awarded Scholarship to NYU Abu Dhabi – Determined to Become a Diplomat for his Country

    • Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
    • We are thrilled to announce that one of our first scholarship students Musbah Dilsebo (19) has been accepted for a four-year scholarship at NYU Abu Dhabi to study Political Science. Musbah’s ambition is to become a diplomat for Ethiopia and he is on track to achieve his dream.

      Musbah comes from the most economically deprived background imaginable. His family is from Southern Ethiopia in a region bereft of any development or any educational opportunities. His father (long since disappeared) and his mother are completely illiterate. His mother survives on subsistence farming, living in a single roomed hut with her 6 other children. There is no electricity or running water.

      At the age of 12 Musbah was desperate to continue his education, but at this time there were no secondary schools in his region. Aged 13 he left his home and travelled alone to the capital Addis Ababa where he enrolled himself in a government school. During this time he survived by working on a building site and doing shoeshine work, in addition to attending school part-time.

      Glen Forbes, Chairman of eef says: “When we met Musbah nearly 5 years ago he was living on the streets in a tiny “hut” made of plastic bags and cardboard boxes. Despite this he was still a top performing student. We were particularly impressed by how concise and knowledgeable he was in explaining difficult scientific structures. We immediately decided to accept him onto our scholarship programme. Now, after four years and graduating from High School I have absolutely no doubt he will be a perfect fit into the NYUAD community, and bring a totally different facet to life that the other students may not have experienced. He has the profile to be a real future change maker. With a quality education as can be provided by NYUAD this young person really will be able to make a difference to his country.”

      “Your presence will add importantly to the excellence of NYU Abu Dhabi,” wrote Al Bloom, NYU Abu Dhabi’s vice chancellor to Musbah in his acceptance letter. “Surrounded by extraordinary students like yourself and working closely with a world-class faculty, you will flourish as a scholar and develop the full range of your exceptional talent.”

      Musbah Dilsebo says: “For me this journey is way beyond anything I could have ever imagined. My dream was to be an educated person, unlike most of my family. It was this dream that kept me going when times were rough and when I didn’t know whether I would have enough money to buy food. Being selected for the scholarship by eef changed my life. They showed me that hard work is rewarded and they showed me a way out of despair. Now I am entering another phase in my life. Being chosen for this scholarship at NYUAD is incredible. My mother, my eef mentors Glen Forbes, Achim Kram, Ludovico D’Elia and my sponsor Ramon de Abadal are immensely proud of me – and I am delighted beyond compare.”

      Musbah joined the eef programme in Grade 9, where upon he moved into our students’ residence. Since joining the programme Musbah’s academic record has been excellent. In the Grade 10 Ethiopian National Examinations he gained a “Very Great Distinction” by the Ministry of Education.

      In 2009 Musbah again achieved an excellent result in the Grade 12 Ethiopian National Examinations by scoring 375. A ranking classified as “Excellent” by the Ministry of Education. This is the highest possible ranking. In addition Musbah’s intellectual capability, curiosity, capacity and enormous potential are beyond any doubt.

      Musbah Dilsebo has come from streets of Addis Ababa. He has battled to survive physically and he has battled to become educated. He has overcome the most horrendous hardships to become a highly educated and international young person. Musbah is already an adventurer, an explorer, a pioneer. His passion for education and his dedication to the development of society has been proven again and again. He is not just intellectually a top performer but just as importantly he is a charming, delightful and caring young man.

      Musbah’s profile

      Musbah joining eef video clip

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    • Welcome!

    • Wednesday, February 17th, 2010
    • We would like to welcome all our friends and supporters to the brand new eef website. As we hit some significant milestones in the last few months, including the graduation of our first students, who have all been accepted to Universities in Ethiopia we thought we would mark the occasion of our 5th anniversary with a new website. We really appreciate the pro-bono support of Miam Miam and Fifty Foot Squid, two companies who provided us with the design and the programming of our new site respectively. We wholeheartedly recommend working with them. Take a look around the new site, sign up for our newsletter (twice per year) and see whether you would like to get involved in any way – anyone can help and we do appreciate your support.