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    • Graduation 2012

    • Tuesday, June 19th, 2012
    • Grade 12 National Exams are over, 22 students are now awaiting their results and university placements. We’re very proud of all of them. They will all get into uni, most of them have applied for engineering and medicine. Take a look at the “before and after” shot. They have all grown up SO much.

    • Addis Ababa trip April / May 2012

    • Wednesday, May 9th, 2012
    • We just returned from another successful and most rewarding trip to Addis Ababa during which we selected the new student intake for summer 2012 and prepared our current grade 12 students for their high school exit and for university.

      We said officially good-bye to our much loved previous Programme Director Diana Houlder, and welcomed her replacement Simon Coulthard.

      During our visit our students modelled the many bags of second had clothes we brought, exhibited their latest art work (we now have a regular arts club at the hostel) and the girls enjoyed an inspiring and thought provoking workshop on women empowerment, held by our friend and sponsor Sandra Käfer.

      What always inspires us is the change that we see in our students from one year to the next. Take, for example, Million Tefera. In early 2011 we selected him for our scholarship programme. At the age of 15 he had been all alone in Addis Ababa, supporting himself by being a day labourer on building sites at the weekend and by shoe shining after school. He had slept in a hut made from sheets of corrugated iron and card board. He looked like an old man and his weight was just 50kg.

      Now, 15 months into the programme and living at the EEF hostel he is a healthy, happy and charming young man. He put on 14kg !!! (30lbs) ……. and with an average of 87% at SOT he is en route to become the university graduate he wants to be. Well done Million and thank you so much to his sponsors and to all our sponsors for their amazing support.

      If you would like to sponsor a student or wish to support us in any form, please get in touch.

      With best wishes

    • Tsega Hailu Awarded Scholarship to NYU Abu Dhabi

    • Friday, December 16th, 2011
    • This morning we received news that another of our students has been offered a full scholarship at NYU in Abu Dhabi from next summer. Tsega Hailu will be following into the footsteps of Musbah Dilsebo, Abel Belay and Anteneh Teferi who are currently studying at NYU in their second and first years respectively. Tsega has over the last three years achieved straight A’s in all subjects and very great distinctions in the Grade 8 and Grade 10 national exams. He will be one of 150 students selected from over 10,000 applicants and he will be studying Computer Science from September 2012 after graduating from high school in Ethiopia.

      When we interviewed him for the eef scholarship in 2008 Tsega was without hope for the future, living in the most difficult circumstances imaginable. He moved into our hostel in January 2009 and never looked back. He has grown into a remarkable, well rounded young man, academically driven and ambitious and a natural leader yet humble, charming and with emotional intelligence that is off the chart.

      “I am delighted to inform you that you have been accepted for admission to NYU Abu Dhabi. You were chosen with great care from an impressive pool of the world’s most promising, talented, and highly qualified applicants to be a member of NYU Abu Dhabi’s Class of 2016, “wrote Al Bloom, NYU Abu Dhabi’s vice chancellor to Tsega in his acceptance letter. “Surrounded by extraordinary students like yourself and working closely with world-class faculty, you will flourish as a scholar and develop the full range of your exceptional talent. In a vibrant city at an emerging crossroads of the world, with unparalleled opportunity for cross-cultural exploration and international study, you will equip yourself for leadership in a global age.”

      Tsega is determined to make the most of this amazing opportunity which will enable him to make a difference to his family, his community and in the long run to his country.

      Congratulations Tsega from all of us at eef for this well deserved scholarship!

      We are currently in the final stages of selecting our student intake for 2012 and we have some incredibly talented boys and girls lined up for interviews.

      If you can and would like to sponsor one of our students to reach university and find their way out of poverty please let us know. We are still looking for 8 sponsors before the end of January. Please find some more information about student sponsorship here. You could change a live forever today!

    • Dame Helen Mirren supports the Ethiopian Education Foundation

    • Thursday, September 29th, 2011
    • This week we received a wonderful email from Dame Helen Mirren who loves our work.

      She will be sending us the beautiful jacket that she is wearing in the photo … – it will be available for auction at our next fundraising event. Silent bidding starts now, so let us know if you would like to place a bid – !

    • Annual News Summary

    • Dear Sponsors / Friends of eef

      It is time for our annual update, so here is what we have been doing and achieved over the last few months.

      1) 19 students successfully graduated from High School in June 2011 and officially completed the eef programme. All 19 students have gained a place at university. University places are about to be allocated and courses will start in the next 4-6 weeks. All their results have been very good, some brilliant (ranking amongst the top in the country). Without exception they should all get their chosen University courses. Well done to all !!. and thank you for their sponsors’ tremendous support to get them this far. I am attaching a photo of two of our brilliant girls Lense and Weyneshet – both were in a terrible state when we met and interviewed them a few years back. They have lived in our girls hostel and blossomed into remarkable young women, both scoring a high enough result to study medicine at university. There is no doubt that without the support of EEF and their respective sponsors these girls would now be living on the streets of Addis Ababa

      2) This summer’s Grade 10 results (equivalent of GCSEs) were even better than last year’s. Out of 12 eef students in grade 10, 6 scored full 9 As, and a whopping total of 10 scored 3.9 GPA or more out of a 4.0 possible! Congratulations to our students !!!!!!!

      3) You may remember our success story from early 2010, when we announced that Musbah Dilsebo, (one of our first students on the EEF programme), was accepted at NYU Abu Dhabi with a 4 year full scholarship. He is just about to start his second year in Abu Dhabi after spending the summer in NYC where the university created a summer job for him in their library. Earlier this year after an assessment weekend in Abu Dhabi two further eef students were selected for the same four year scholarship – Anteneh and Abel started classes a week ago and we are SO proud to be able to continue this great partnership that we have established with NYU. This year five of our students (3 girls and 2 boys) are in the running for scholarship places there – all fingers crossed!!!

      4) One of our highlights this year was the visit of 2 professors and 13 students from NYU Abu Dhabi in March. Many strong friendships were formed during their stay and our students still remember the games, workshops and inspiring conversations with these bright young people from 13 different countries. Please find one of the photos attached – more can be seen here on our facebook page.

      5) Our girls hostel has now been up and running for 14 months under the magnificent management and leadership of Diana Houlder. Since our previous Boys Hostel Manager left at the end of last year Diana has in fact managed our organisation on the ground singlehandedly and we are extremely grateful for all her hard work and incredible dedication. We have now found her a great new colleague who will be starting to manage the boys hostel at the end of September.

      6) A record number of 29 new students (14 girls) started the eef programme this summer. They have finished their summer school, received their first sessions of computer training and are now very excited and ready to start their first school year at SOT this week.

      7) We are thrilled to announce that Wanda Elliott has joined our team a few months ago as our Finance Director. She has been travelling in Ethiopia extensively and we are delighted to have her on board.

      September is also the month when we start the recruitment process for 2012. We are still desperately looking for 18 sponsors, so if you know of anyone that would like to sponsor one (or more) of our students starting in 2012 please send them here.