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    • Kalkidan Fikadu Accepted at NYU Shanghai on a Full Four Year Scholarship

    • Wednesday, March 4th, 2015
    • It is with immense delight and pride that we can announce today that another EEF student has been awarded an international full scholarship at New York University in Shanghai.

      Kalkidan Fikadu had very little chance of secondary school education before we selected her to the EEF programme 4 years ago due to the huge potential we saw in her.

      She competed for this NYU scholarship against thousands of international candidates in a process that lasted many months and she will move to Shanghai in August to study Physics and Mandarin Chinese. The four year scholarship is worth $240,000 including fees, full board, annual flights to China, and 2 international semesters in Europe, USA or South America.

      Once again EEF proves to dramatically change lives. All our uni graduates make us phenomenally proud but this one is of course extra special.

      Congratulations Kal, you did it, all your hard work paid off!!!!!


    • Wednesday, May 21st, 2014
    • Our university students are starting to get recognition not just locally in Ethiopia but also on the international stage.

      Our very own EEF family member Fekadu Habtamu is already showing fabulous success.

      Fekadu was in the very first selection group of EEF students. He was in the same group as together with many other students who are currently coming to the end of their university career.

      When we met him he was 13, in a very difficult place, without support, all alone in Addis Ababa. His very large, illiterate, family was far away in the Ethiopian countryside. We rented a little room for him, fed him and sent him to our partner school. In 2009 he moved into the then newly built EEF hostel and eventually graduated from high school.

      Fakadu is currently a fourth year Medical student at Adama University. For the past year and a half he has been the elected President of the Ethiopian Medical Students Association (Adama Branch). However in addition to that he has been elected Vice President of the whole of the Ethiopian Medical Students Association.
      This is massive recognition to Fekadu and a great inspiration to all of us.

      As part of his role he recently represented Ethiopia at a conference of the International Federation of Medical Students Association in Tunis, Tunisia.

      Fekadu we are so exceptionally proud of you. If this is the beginning what is to come will be phenomenal.

      Once again an EEF student is reaching for the highest levels and is getting there through hard work and determination. Our method is simple: Find deserving and promising primary school children. Give them the best support during high school. Then let them fly and reach their dreams, Fekadu is a wonderful inspiration to all of us.

      VIVA Ethiopia and VIVA EEF!

    • Welcome Caspar Harvey

    • We would like to officially welcome Caspar Harvey to the EEF team.

      He has previously spent time in Africa, teaching children in Zambia, and looks forward to overseeing all those studying at the EEF hostel in Addis Ababa. With an undergraduate degree in English and Italian, and a Masters in Anthropology, his background includes working for a food-related charity in London as well as running his own business. In the role he will organise the day-to-day running of the hostel, the volunteer coordination and the selection process for new students. He is passionate about education and keen to help others gain the educational opportunities that he enjoyed in the UK.

      Welcome Caspar !!

    • Future Choices Programme – Law

    • Tuesday, February 26th, 2013
    • From our students’ message board:

      The Future Choices Programme is aimed at providing students with information, advice and guidance about different career paths and higher education choices.

      It will involve series of guest speakers from different industries who will talk to students about future options within those industries. Students will have the opportunity to raise questions and discuss any queries that they have.

      The job someone has impacts significantly on their life. There are many things to think about when thinking about a career that is right for you for example: what you find interesting, what you tasks you enjoy doing day to day, what structure or environment you like working in.

      There will be talks over the coming months focusing on different industries, you might find some interesting information about careers you haven’t considered so think about coming to a selection of talks.

      If you want to find out about a specific industry please speak to Katia about it and she will try to find a professional from that industry to come in to talk to you.

      The objective of the “Law” session was to raise student’s awareness of what options there are in the legal sector, what different career paths people can take who study law as well as taking a look at what work life might be like for people who choose this careers in this sector.

      Guest Speaker – Zecharias Fassil – (LLM & PhD Candidate & Associate Fellow of the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law) provided information, advice and guidance to students on careers and future choices in the legal sector.

      Zech lectures at the University of Addis Ababa and has a good knowledge of the legal sector and of what study and career options there are in law. One of the project’s Zech is working on is about issues of Child Rights in Ethiopia (this is like human rights for children), and is leading how Ethiopia develops its approach to law in relation to the rights of children.

    • Annual EEF Summary

    • Friday, October 19th, 2012
    • It is time for our annual update, so here is what we have been doing and achieved over the last few months.

      1) 22 students successfully graduated from High School in June 2012 and officially completed the eef programme. All 22 students have gained a place at university. All their results have been very good, some brilliant (18 rank amongst the top 10% in the country). Six students received a place to study medicine. Well done to all !! And thank you for their sponsors’ tremendous support to get them this far. (see the below photo – before and after 😉

      2) This summer’s Grade 10 results (equivalent of GCSEs) were excellent yet again. Nine students scored full 9 As, and five more scored 3.9 GPA or more out of a 4.0 possible! Congratulations to our students !!!!!!!

      3) You may remember our success story from early 2010, when we announced that Musbah Dilsebo, (one of our first students on the EEF programme), was accepted at New York University Abu Dhabi with a 4 year full scholarship. He is just about to start his third year at NYU. For his semester abroad he has chosen Argentina. He received an intensive course in Spanish and is now studying in Buenos Aires after spending the summer in Barcelona with his sponsor. Earlier this year after an assessment weekend in Abu Dhabi one further eef student was selected as one of 150 scholars out of a pool of over 10,000 candidates. Tsega Hailu started classes two weeks ago and is loving it. We are SO proud that we now have 4 students studying at NYU and to continue this great partnership that we have established with the university. This year our chosen nominee is a girl, Firehiwot, and we are very confident that she will get a place too – all fingers crossed!!!

      4) In April, one of our eef NYU students visited the eef hostel together with 2 professors and 5 students from NYU Abu Dhabi for their solar panel project. They won first place in the energy track at the Hult Global Case Challenge for their plan to provide solar lighting to one million homes in Africa by 2013. The team, which was presented their award by former US President Bill Clinton, was one of three winning teams that together earned USD 1 million for three non-profit organizations to implement their projects. We are very proud to have played a part in this.

      5) A success story just as important is the progress of one of our boys, Million. In September 2011 we selected him for our scholarship programme. At the age of 15 he was all alone in Addis Ababa, supporting himself by being a day labourer on building sites at the weekend and by shoe shining after school. He slept in a hut made from sheets of corrugated iron and card board. He looked like an old man and his weight was just 50kg. 7 months into the programme (photo taken in April) and living at the eef hostel he is healthy, happy, he put on 14kg !!! (30lbs) ……. and with an average of 87% at SOT is en route to become the uni graduate he wants to be. Well done Million and thank you so much to his sponsors (photo attached). Maybe you or someone you know would like to support one of our students with a similar background next year?

      6) Since this spring we have two new wonderful volunteer directors in Addis. Simon Coulthard and Katia Richardson are running our hostel with great enthusiasm, dedication and leadership. They have helped tremendously to run our organisation effectively and to keep our budgets under control during this time of heavy inflation and cost pressure for eef. We are very grateful for their amazing contribution.

      7) 10 new students started the eef programme this summer. They have finished their summer school, received their first sessions of computer training and are now very excited and ready to start their first school year at SOT this week. Their sponsors will hear from them within the next few weeks.

      Here comes the bit where we are asking for your help.

      We have started the recruitment process for 2013. Due to the heavy inflation and the ever increasing school fees at SOT we have decided that for the first time we allow students to be sponsored by more than one sponsor, allowing us to split the £990 cost per student per year into 2* £500. We hope that this way we will attract more sponsors for 2013. It also makes the students happy because they are eager to communicate and having two mentors is even better than one. Of course, if sponsors wish, they can cover the full cost of £990. This works out at £83 per month.

      We are still desperately looking for sponsors for 10 students (before January), so if you know of anyone that would like to sponsor one of our students starting in 2013 please let me / them know.

      If you would like to make a contribution to our running cost (it costs £30,000 to run our two student houses per year), we would really like you to consider donating a small monthly amount – £10 go so very far and we really need your support. You could set up a standing order or make a one off donation into our bank account at
      Royal Bank of Scotland
      Ethiopian Education Foundation
      29 Old Brompton Rd
      London SW7 3JE
      Sort Code 16 00 84
      Account 1012 5863

      Please help if you can. Any amount would be very much appreciated.

      Or if you wish you can make a payment by credit card here – BmyCharity charges ZERO commission on your payment and you know ALL of your donation goes directly to our programme in Ethiopia – NOTHING gets wasted on admin.

      Please share this also with your friends and family and like us on Facebook, and get your friends to do so too.

      If you have any questions please let me know.

      Best wishes and many thanks for your continued support !!