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    • New Website

    • Tuesday, September 24th, 2019
    • We are very excited to announce that, after 8 years, we are in the process of creating a brand new website. You can of course in the meantime still make donations, fee-free (!!) here at Wonderful/EEF. Also, please sign up for our newsletter and we will keep you informed about everything that is happening at EEF. Thank you !

    • EEF Newsletter 2017

    • Saturday, September 30th, 2017

      Dear Friends of EEF
      We are delighted to publish our annual update with some of the highlights of the academic year 2016-17.

      Fantastic Results

      Eight grade 12 students successfully graduated from High School in June 2017 and officially completed the EEF high school programme. Their results have been fantastic and all have gained places at university in their chosen fields.

      Four students received prestigious, fully paid, international scholarships (more info below). The others will be studying medicine, engineering and business in Ethiopia. As always, each one of them has come from the very hardest and harshest of family backgrounds, and many were living in the most abject poverty just a little over four years ago.

      This summer’s Grade 10 results (equivalent of GCSEs in the UK) were yet again amazing. Out of our 10 students, 7 scored the maximum score of 4.0. The other 3 scored brilliant results (two students scored 3.9 and one scored 3.7) and lay a great foundation for the two remaining years of high school. Congratulations to our G10 students!!

      Please read the full Newsletter here

    • Melese Dereje and Meskerem Alemayehu win full New York University scholarships

    • Friday, February 17th, 2017






















      Two further EEF students have been awarded international full scholarships at New York University in Abu Dhabi.

      After six months of preparation, two of our students, Melese Dereje and Meskerem Alemayehu, have this week been awarded a full scholarship worth $300,000 for their undergraduate degree at New York University in Abu Dhabi.

      The scholarship includes tuition, full board at an incredible campus, annual flights home, 2 semesters anywhere in the world at NYU’s globally connected universities, laptops, medical care, regular field trips, often abroad and a monthly allowance.

      They worked incredibly hard for over 6 months to prepare for their assessment weekend earlier this month with the help of our hostel managers Ben and Jenny, previous hostel manager Caitlin and also our friend Alan who has helped tremendously with the coaching. We are so thrilled that both our applicants were successful this year because both of them are so deserving, especially given their horrendous backgrounds.

      Meski is determined and quite assertive which is unusual for girls in Ethiopia. She is not shy and enjoys to lead. Her voice can be heard for miles ….  Melese’s emotional intelligence is off the chart, his smile lights up a room and you cannot help but be drawn to him and anything he has to say. Both are superstars academically and we cannot wait to follow their new path later this year as they leave the EEF nest and fly ….

      This is the time of the year when we have to find new sponsors. We are still 7 places short this year and with our selection week coming up in early March, time is running out. We can only take students onto the programme for who we have sponsors. EEF dramatically changes lives but we cannot do it without the help from YOU.

      Please step forward if you would like to support one of our amazing youngsters from September!

    • Yohannes Nigatu wins $300,000 New York University scholarship

    • Friday, April 1st, 2016
    • Another EEF student has been awarded an international full scholarship at New York University in Abu Dhabi. We are so delighted and proud.

      Yohannes Nigatu had very little chance of secondary school education before we selected him to the EEF programme 4 years ago.

      His mother died when he was only one year old, leaving the farming father to look after 5 children.

      When Yohannes was 11, one of his brothers (15) decided to go to Addis to escape the poor farmers’ life in the country and he took Yohannes with him. Living on the street for 2 months Yohannes was “found” by an orphanage organization who took him in and provided food and clothes and shelter for him until the end of grade 8. His brother was already too old to join and still lives in Addis and works as an uneducated day labourer on building sites.

      The EEF scholarship came along at the right time for Yohannes and his life changed forever when we met him and saw his huge potential.
      Since he joined EEF he has thrived not just at school but also at the EEF hostel showing his huge academic potential and his wonderful personality.

      He competed for this NYU scholarship against over ten thousand international candidates in a process that lasted many months and he will move to Abu Dhabi in August to study Computer Science. The four year scholarship is worth $300,000 including fees, full board, annual flights to U.A.E, and 2 international semesters in Europe, USA or South America.

      Once again EEF proves to dramatically change lives. All our uni graduates make us phenomenally proud but this one is extra special.

      Congratulations Yohannes, you did it, all your hard work and persistence paid off !!!!!

    • EEF Newsletter 2015

    • Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
    • We are delighted to send you our usual annual update with some of the highlights of the academic year 14-15.

      Fantastic Results

      26 Grade twelve students successfully graduated from High School in June 2015 and officially completed the EEF high school programme. All 26 students’ results have been fantastic and they have all gained places at university. As always, each one of them has come from the very hardest and harshest of family backgrounds, and many were living in the most abject poverty just a little over four years ago. To find out more about their chosen university courses please visit the university student section on the website.

      This summer’s Grade 10 results (equivalent of GCSEs in the UK) were yet again amazing as expected. Out of our 8 students, 5 scored the maximum score of 4.0. The other 3 scored brilliant results also (two students scored 3.9 and one 3.7) and lay a great foundation for the two remaining years of high school. Congratulations to our G10 students!!

      University Scholarships

      EEF has an incredible success with gaining scholarships at New York University (NYU). This year Kalkidan Sisay is our 6th student to win an “all-expenses-paid” scholarship at New York University beating tens of thousands of applicants. Kalkidan started at the NYU Shanghai campus in September 2015, studying Physics and Mandarin. Kalkidan keeps in touch regularly on skype and you will soon be able to read more about her incredible time in China on our blog.

      We were thrilled this summer with some more amazing news regarding international scholarships when three of our graduates (Lidia, Tsegenesh and Solomon) were chosen for a full four year scholarship at Earth University in Costa Rica, an international degree of agricultural engineering sponsored by the Mastercard Foundation. There were many hundreds of applicants from 26 African countries and three of a total of 19 places were filled by EEF students. We are SO proud!! Our three champions are currently there placed with host families studying Spanish in preparation for their courses.

      Post University

      One of our New York University (Abu Dhabi campus) scholars, Abel Belay, finished his degree this summer with very great distinction. One of his Professors was so impressed with his work that they created a new position for him. Abel is now employed at the Center for Technology and Economic Development at NYUAD (CTED) working as a Research Associate. The focus of his research is to understand African Commodities Exchange Markets better and to help farmers in Africa maximize their productivity by introducing simple yet transformative technological applications to rural households.

      We are thrilled to point out a few more individual stories such as that of Dr Rakeb Mulugeta who at the end of last year became our first fully qualified medical doctor. She is currently finishing her final practice year and will shortly be starting her first fully paid job as a doctor. We are incredibly proud of her. Since then three other students have finished their medical degrees and some more will be fully fledged doctors after the next semester.

      For us, a further highlight of the year was the news of Miheret Sheleme, who entered university four years ago to study economics. She graduated with great distinction. Whilst applying to do a masters’ degree, funded by EEF, she was offered a university lectureship post. This allows her to enter the world of academia whilst enabling her to complete her masters’ / PhD at the same time. Her older sister Lense, also an EEF scholar, hast just entered her fifth year of university studying medicine. When the two orphans joined EEF their aunt had just thrown them out of her house because they wanted to continue to high school. They are probably the most perfect examples of the kind of person EEF are able to help. We do not even want to think about what would have happened to them if we had not been able to allow them to join the EEF programme.

      For some further stories of EEF students after university take a look at our alumni section on the website. We will gradually fill this section with more and more inspiring stories from our amazing students.


      Since Spring / Summer this year we have two new volunteer managers in Addis. Thomas Guyatt and Caitlin Plunkett are running the EEF organisation with great enthusiasm, dedication and fresh perspectives. Some more information about Tom and Caitlin can be found on the eef team section on website.

      Caitlin has recently started to publish a blog about life at the EEF hostel (and thereafter). Please find a link to the blog here. Together with our Facebook page this is probably the best way to keep abreast with all that is going on at EEF.

      As of November 2015 we have a new Finance Director, Phil Richardson. Phil is taking over from Wanda Elliott who is leaving us after five years due to increased work commitments. We are extremely grateful for Wanda’s dedication over the last few years and wish her all the best. Details about Phil can be found here.


      We are currently about to launch EEF Germany. The purpose of the organisation is to allow our German sponsors to benefit from their national tax allowance as well as to find more sponsors and donors from German speaking countries. Please let us know if you would like the relevant contact details.

      We need you!

      I trust you agree with me that we continue to produce amazing, measurable results in the most effective way possible, in our own spare time without any administration cost or salaries. Please read on to find out how you can help.

      Ways to support us

      Secondary school sponsorships are at the core of the EEF programme. Sponsorship is for a minimum of 4 years (grades 9 to 12). Fees (paid once a year in May) are £990 per student per annum. This covers the cost of all school fees, school uniforms, books and exercise books as well as most of the cost of living at the EEF hostel and an annual clothing allowance. Recruitment (a 4 months process) has already started and we still need 7 committed individuals, or groups of friends, colleagues or families by the end of November. Hands up if you would like to help. They first payment will not be due before May 2016, so plenty of time to save up! Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in becoming a sponsor. We already have someone who would like to cover 50% of the cost of a scholarship, so if you would like to contribute the other 50% that would also be an option.

      Become a “Friend of EEF“ by arranging a monthly standing order and contribute to the monthly running of our students’ residence.
      If you would like to set up a standing order, here are our bank details:
      Ethiopian Education Foundation
      Royal Bank Of Scotland
      Sort Code: 16 00 84
      Account: 1012 5863
      IBAN: GB03RBOS16008410125863

      Every amount large or small will make a massive difference.

      For further queries, please contact:

      Achim Kram, achim @
      Co-Founder, Trustee Operations, Marketing, Fundraising