eef Students


Our first 149 students graduated from the 4 year EEF high school programme between 2009 and 2016 and all have gained university places.

Our first Economists, Engineers and Doctors have graduated from University and are entering a whole new world of employment. Below are just some of their stories as they enter life after their EEF adventure !

Dr Rakeb Mulugeta

In 2004 Rakeb entered the final year of primary school. Her future was bleak and she would not have continued her education beyond Grade 8.

Then she met EEF and was rewarded our scholarship. Four years later she graduated from high school and went on to study medicine.

In 2014 Rakeb became the first ever fully fledged EEF medical doctor. Amazing!

Musbah Ormago

EEF student Musbah graduated from New York University (Abu Dhabi) on 23 May 2015. He has achieved a very high GPA of 3.7 and as such was awarded with a very prestigious HONOURS degree. Musbah is delighted as we are and the fact that Bill Clinton was presenting the degrees at the graduation ceremony made the whole event even more exciting. Musbah is now employed as Project Coordinator with a charitable foundation of the royal family in Abu Dhabi. Here is his work profile

Huge congratulations from all of us, your journey has been amazing, almost unbelievable.

Jara Fetene

Jara graduated from Addis Ababa University as a Mechanical Engineer. He now works for Heineken as a Management Trainee in Addis Ababa. To work for such a global blue chip company is a massive achievement. Jara plans to do a masters degree in the future.

Berihun Mahtot

When we met Berihun at the age of 13, he lived in a 2 x 1 meter corrugated iron shack all by himself. Now in 2014 Berihun has successfully completed his mechanical training with Ethiopian Airlines and is employed by them as a ground technician. They also support him to finish his engineering degree at Addis Ababa University. He will graduate in 2016. In addition (as if that wasn’t enough) he is also a second year long distance learning student on a management course. He will go very far in life and we are SO very proud of him!

Ephrem Girmachew

Ephrem (our first EEF student and the inspiration of our programme) graduated from Addis Ababa University in 2013 with a degree in computer science. He now owns and runs a very successful travel company – Southern Ethiopia Tours